Granite Hill Gypsy Vanners


Here at Granite Hill Gypsy Vanners we are dedicated to promoting the magnificent Gypsy Vanner breed as well as breeding top qualtiy to pass along.    When choosing our mares and or stallions we looked for quality and temprament to match.    We are a small family owned farm and have been involved in the Gypsy breed for 7 years but have owned and shown horses for 25 years.    We only have one or two foals a year to ensure each one gets the attention and training it needs.    Every foal is imprinted at birth and will be halter broke and leading well and willingly at walk trot and backing at time of weaning.    Some will have already been to a couple of shows in halter classes as well.    If you would like to set up a time to come and meet our horses and get to know this wonderful breed feel free to contact us at any time.   

Granite Hill Gypsy Vanners
Ron & Polly Slonaker - owners
Amber Slonaker- trainer
Located:  Glenmoore PA

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